Spring Break 2015 – Lake Havasu City, AZ

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The school year has begun and we couldn’t be more excited to launch another year of SWAT Spring Break! 2015 promises to bring more change and improvements to SWAT Spring Break in Lake Havasu City than ever before. We’ve completely revamped the program, the packages, and the available options to develop the best trip we’ve produced.

There’s a ton of info that’s yet to be released, so be sure to check our website, Facebook fan page, Twitter, and Instagram frequently to stay in the loop with all the exciting announcements. For the time being, check out what we’ve got planned and take advantage of the early bird discounts available for a limited time!

The Best in Spring Break Entertainment
>>> Headliner Lineup To Be Announced in January <<<

The SWAT Spring Break 2015 entertainment lineup will be announced in January, but we want you to rest assured that we’ll be bringing you some of the hottest names in electronic music. Throughout our 17-year history, we have a record of booking all-star talent for our trips and events, and SWAT Spring Break 2015 will be no exception! Until our lineup is announced, click here to check out who we’ve had perform on recent SWAT trips.

New Additions & Changes to Spring Break 2015

  1. New Headquarters Hotel - The Nautical Beachfront Resort
    That’s right, we’ve moved our Headquarters Hotel to one of the most upscale and beautiful properties in Lake Havasu City! From the newly renovated guest rooms to their brand new infinity pool with swim-up bar, the Nautical has it all! Click here for more info on our new HQ!
  2. All-New Hotel Access
    With a new Headquarters Property, we’re stoked to have a different policy with accessing hotels. Since the Nautical is such an open property, there’s no need for elevators or hallways. This means that if your friends are staying at the Nautical and you’re staying elsewhere, you’ll be able to hang out with friends without any issues during peak hours.
  3. Four or Five Night Add-On Options
    You asked for it and we’re delivering! For as little as $50 per-person per-night, your entire group can now extend your SWAT Spring Break 2015 vacation package to include an additional one or two nights!
  4. All-New Day Events
    With the Nautical being the only beachfront property in the entire state of Arizona, our day events will see a huge change. Day events will be just outside guest rooms and our beach is stocked with the silkiest, softest sand around. Not to mention, we’ll be hosting day events like never before, so get ready… we’re giving our day events as much focus as our night events!
  5. More Variety in Music
    We love electronic music and know you do too, but we believe that a great Spring Break entertainment lineup is all about variety. So, we’ll not only have killer DJs playing dance music, but they’ll also spin Top 40 and hip-hop while performing beach-side.
  6. Round-Trip Bus Transportation is Back
    Due to overwhelming demand, buses are back! For as little as $100, you’ll be able to take our round-trip charter bus to Lake Havasu City and party along the way.

Hotel Package Options

Included with all SWAT Spring Break 2015 Hotel Packages is one spot in a maximum occupancy hotel room for the duration of your trip. Travelers have the opportunity to choose one of two Hotel Package options: Standard or Deluxe Headquarters. For much more detailed info on the hotels featured in our trip packages, please click here.

Deluxe Headquarters Hotel • The Nautical Beachfront Resort
Nautical SplashStandard Hotel • Quality Inn & Suites
Quality Splash

SWAT Spring Break 2015 Pricing & Options
SB 2015 - Pricing Grid - 2014-11-14

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Package Inclusions

  1. SWAT Spring Break 2015 Hotel Packages
    1. One spot in a maximum occupancy hotel room for three nights
      1. Click here for more info on our featured hotels
    2. Includes SWAT Spring Break 2015 Party Package
  2. SWAT Spring Break 2015 Party Packages
    1. Day events in the SWAT Cove at the Nautical Beachfront Resort
      1. Annual “King & Queen of the Beach” contest
      2. Beach games and contests every day
      3. Live bands and DJs performing daily
      4. Schedule subject to change without notice
    2. Night events at the Main Stage at the SWAT Headquarters
      1. Monday nights: Spring Break 2015 Welcome Party
      2. Tuesday nights: Headliner Concert
      3. Wednesday nights: Theme Party TBA
      4. Schedule subject to change without notice
    3. After-hours parties
      1. After-hours parties every night on the Nautical Beachfront Resort from 1:30AM to 4:00AM
    4. Huge discounts and savings throughout Lake Havasu City
      1. 10% to 15% discounts at grocery stores
      2. 10% to 15% discounts at 10+ restaurants
      3. 10% to 15% discounts at shops and stores
      4. 10% to 20% discounts on jet ski rentals
      5. 10% to 20% discounts on wake boat rentals
      6. 10% to 20% discounts on pontoon boat rentals
      7. 30% discounts on one-way shuttle rates
      8. Much more to be announced!
    5. Food and drink specials at all SWAT events
    6. Free VIP boat slip and launch ramp access at the Nautical Beachfront Resort
    7. 24-hour SWAT Customer Service, Security, and First Aid Staff

Trip Options and Add-Ons

  1. Four-Night and Five-Night Add-Ons - Pricing Varies
    1. We know that some spring breakers want to stay in Lake Havasu City for more than three nights, so we’ve come up with a new way for you to extend your stay!
    2. For as little as $50 per-person per-night, you can add a fourth or fifth night to your SWAT Spring Break vacation package.
    3. Extra Night Add-On Pricing:
      1. Standard Hotel Packages – Quality Inn & Suites
        1. Fourth Night Add-On: $60 per-person
        2. Fifth Night Add-On: $50 per-person
      2. Deluxe Headquarters Packages – Nautical Beachfront Resort
        1. Fourth Night Add-On: $75 per-person
        2. Fifth Night Add-On: $65 per-person
    4. Important Notes:
      1. Fourth night add-on packages will check-in on Mondays and check-out on Fridays of each week.
      2. Fifth night add-on packages will check-in on Sundays and check-out on Fridays of each week.
      3. Events for fourth or fifth night add-on packages will not occur at SWAT venues. Instead, travelers who choose to extend their stay will have access to Kokomo Nightclub on Sunday and Thursday nights with free cover charge before 10:00PM.
      4. All travelers sharing a room must choose the same add-on package. In other words, if there are four people staying in a room together, all four people must purchase the fourth or fifth night in order to stay in their room for the extended duration. We will not be able to reassign a new room to travelers whose roommates have not opted to extend their trip.
  2. Round-Trip Charter Bus Transportation - $100 per-person
    1. For just $100 per-person, you’re able to take our private charter bus transportation to and from select departure locations and Lake Havasu City. All charter buses are expanded 56-passenger luxury coaches with restrooms, are climate controlled, and are equipped with reclining seat backs, foot rests, TVs with DVD players, CD/MP3 stereo systems, and are driven by professional drivers.
    2. Round-trip charter bus transportation is available from the following departure locations on the weeks specified below:
      1. Week #1:
        1. Tempe, AZ
      2. Week #2:
        1. Chico, CA
        2. Tucson, AZ
      3. Week #3:
        1. Sacramento, CA
        2. San Jose, CA
        3. Santa Barbara, CA / San Luis Obispo, CA
      4. Week #4:
        1. Fullerton, CA / Long Beach, CA
        2. Las Vegas, NV
        3. San Diego, CA
  3. 24-Hour Unlimited Shuttle Pass - $25 per-person
    1. The 24-Hour Unlimited Shuttle Pass provides an unlimited number of rides with select shuttle companies throughout Lake Havasu City 24-hours a day, every day that the trip is in operation. One-way shuttle rides without the Shuttle Pass range between $4 per-person and $6 per-person, depending on the operator. At just $25 per-person, the Shuttle Pass pays for itself in as few as four rides!
  4. VIP Upgrade Packages - Starting at $75 per-person
    1. Being a VIP on SWAT Spring Break 2015 will be more unique and different ever before. We’ve made some huge changes to our VIP system and for the first time, we’re proud to announce some major improvements. The following are just a few of the perks of being a SWAT VIP:
      1. Welcome gift basket waiting in hotel room prior to check-in
      2. Applicable to Hotel Packages only
      3. Dedicated SWAT VIP Hosts and concierges to help arrange transportation around town, excursions, restaurant recommendations and reservations, and more.
      4. Exclusive access to dedicated VIP areas including hotel suite parties, houseboat parties, cabanas at the Nautical Beachfront Resort pool, and front-row and side-stage access at the Main Stage.
      5. 24-Hour Unlimited Shuttle Pass included with VIP Upgrade
      6. No-line access to ALL events, parties, and concerts – simply walk to the front of the line and join the party!
      7. Dedicated trip check-in area
      8. Much more to announced!
  5. Las Vegas Party Package Add-On - Starting at $75 per-person
    1. We’re working deals with some of the hottest and most exclusive nightclubs, day clubs, and hotels in Las Vegas to bring you the absolute best Las Vegas Spring Break experience that we’ve ever put together!
    2. Within the next couple of months, we’ll be announcing all the details about the Las Vegas add-on. For now, we can tell you that we’ll offer two different options: Hotel Packages and Party Packages. Spring Break just got a whole lot crazier, so keep an eye out for all the latest info!
  6. Travel Protection Insurance - Starting at $20 per-person
    1. All monies paid towards a SWAT trip are non-refundable should you have to cancel your trip for any reason. For your convenience, we’ve partnered with Travel Insured International, a leader in the travel protection insurance marketplace, to offer a variety of insurance policies that will provide you up to 100% reimbursement of the trip price should a verified reason for cancellation (e.g. death in the family, injury, illness, etc.) arise.
      1. All trip cancellation and travel protection insurance policies also include expanded benefits throughout the duration of your trip including baggage loss and theft coverage, transportation delay reimbursement, and supplemental medical insurance should you become ill or injured during your trip.

Please note that all monies paid towards a SWAT trip are non-refundable should you cancel your trip for any reason. Optional travel protection insurance is made available to you by SWAT through Travel Insured International to protect your travel investment. To purchase trip insurance, please choose the option during the package registration process.

All package prices listed within this website and throughout the trip registration process are per-person and are based on maximum occupancy room rates (typically four people per room with two people per queen-sized bed.) In other words, when purchasing a SWAT Spring Break 2015 Hotel Package, you are reserving one spot in a hotel room that accommodates four people, NOT an entire hotel room that sleeps four individuals. Upgrades to lower-occupancy hotel rooms are available by contacting our Customer Service team at (866) 714-7160 or via email at info@swatup.com.

SWAT does not promote or condone the consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs and/or controlled substances. In accordance with federal, state, and local law, all travelers and event attendees must be 21 years of age in order to consume alcoholic beverages and no information found on this website should be interpreted as construing a message otherwise. Please always designate a sober driver and never drink and drive. If you’ve had too much to drink, please let a member of the SWAT Staff know and we’ll arrange a safe and sober ride home for you.

SWAT Spring Break 2015 is sanctioned by the Lake Havasu City Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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