Viva Las Vegas!

Sin City – better known as the place that should be at the very top of every college student’s bucket list. With over 42 million visitors per year, Vegas continues to be the world’s most desirable destination for travel and business for many reasons. Whether or not you have aspirations of re-enacting the famous scenes of The Hangover, or wish to go sight-seeing through the extravagant city, Vegas has something for everyone. It truly is a playground for adults.

Package Details & Pricing



Package Includes:

Transportation to All Day & Night Events

Escorted VIP Entrance

The trip is free with a spring break trip.

announced 2-4 weeks before event


Friday Night
Surrender Nightswim  |  Major Lazer
Saturday Day
Encore Beach Club  |  Alesso
Saturday Night
Intrigue  |  RL Grime
Sunday Day
Encore Beach Club  |  David Guetta
Sunday Night
XS  |  Marshmello (Sunday Nightswim)

Package Options


Luxor Las Vegas

$249 Per-Person

Pricing Based on Max. Occupancy
Package Includes:
2 Nights' Lodging at Luxor Las Vegas (Quad-Occupancy)
Single, Double, & Triple-Occupancy Available Upon Request
VIP Party Package


$349 Per-Person

Pricing Based on Max. Occupancy
Package Includes:
Round trip luxury bus transportation from San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara & Arizona (+$30 for San Francisco & Sacramento)
2 night stay at the Luxor Las Vegas (Quad Occupancy)
VIP Party package

** Important Disclaimer **

All pricing is based on resort set maximum occupancy. If units are not filled to max occupancy your group is required to pay the empty pillow fees. Empty pillow fees vary based on resort and availability so please check with SWAT regarding your Spring Break week’s empty pillow cost. Basic max occupancy standards are 4 people per Hotel, 1 Bedroom or Studio, 6 people per 2 Bedroom and 8 people per 3 Bedroom. Unit sizes are not guaranteed and are based on availability at the resort.

The SWAT VIP Experience

Vegas with SWAT & EA:

ALL INCLUSIVE price -- No Extra Fees: Price includes hotel and all resort fees/taxes, Free/VIP entrance to all nightclubs and pool parties, transportation by bus to nightclubs and no additional/hidden fees.

True VIP & Free Entrance to Nightclubs: Group will take luxury buses to day nightclubs/pool parties and enter together through SWAT/EA’s own private VIP line. SWAT/EA hosts & group leaders will escort you into the club.

Never Wait in Lines: SWAT/EA hosts provide VIP service the entire weekend so that you never have to wait in lines. A SWAT/EA host will meet you as you exit the bus to give you keys to your hotel room so that you don’t have to wait in the LONG check in lines. SWAT/EA hosts will escort you via luxury bus to all nightclubs so that you don’t have to wait in LONG taxi lines. SWAT/EA Hosts will escort you into all clubs so that you don’t have to wait in LONG “Fake VIP” lines.

Experience Vegas the True VIP Way with SWAT/EA and have the best weekend of your life.


Vegas with Other Companies

Advertises base price only to try and get you hooked with a low price: pay extra resort fees, pay for taxis to nightclubs, pay additional taxes for hotel room, etc. Always hidden fees not advertised up front.

Take your own transportation to the club and wait in long “Fake VIP” lines. Other companies will advertise that you are going to get VIP entrance but this just means that you will be put into the promoter” VIP Line” where you will still wait up many times between 1-2 hours to get into the club. Lifestylez/EA Hosts will escort you into the club so that you don’t have to deal with these general “Fake VIP” lines.

Wait In Lines Everywhere: Wait in LONG check in lines to get your room keys. Wait in LONG taxi lines every time you go to the clubs. Wait in LONG “Fake VIP lines” every time you arrive at the clubs.

Experience Vegas on your own, wait in long lines everywhere and pay extra fees for things that should be included in the upfront/original price.