If you’re interested in learning more about the marketing services SWAT provides, we invite you to review the case studies below.  To view a case study, please click the arrow to the left of each brand’s name to reveal the full details and objective, execution, and result of each activation.

[expand title=”Rockstar Energy Drink”]

Objective:  With roots to the student travel industry, Rockstar Energy Drink has always understood the value and benefit of influence marketing.  After seeing SWAT’s successful management of previous Campus Brand Ambassador (CBA) programs, and in an effort to grow the brand, Rockstar enlisted SWAT’s aid to create and manage its own nationwide ambassador system.

Execution:  Managed by a team of three program directors dedicated solely to Rockstar’s CBA campaign, SWAT hired and oversaw 75 brand ambassadors from various colleges and universities throughout the United States in the program’s first year.  After seeing positive returns and promising potential, Rockstar renewed its contract with SWAT for an additional three years, during which the program’s size and scope steadily increased until it reached its peak of 250 Campus Brand Ambassadors across all 50 states in the fourth year.

Additionally, beginning in 2004 and continuing today, Rockstar Energy Drink was named the presenting sponsor of all SWAT trips and events, including SWAT Spring Break, the West Coast’s largest spring break event.  Rockstar’s presenting sponsorship goes far beyond primary branding on SWAT’s trips and events.  SWAT’s sales managers actively participate in conducting on-campus sampling events that coincide with launch campaigns of new flavors and products, performing “product drops” at key fraternity and sorority houses at our top sales accounts, and providing product for Spring Break launch parties and events.  SWAT’s individual Campus Reps, who promote and market SWAT’s trips and events, are also provided with Rockstar product to distribute within their social circle and are given the opportunity to earn premium goods and experiences for reaching various sales benchmarks.  Essentially, Rockstar has been incorporated into every aspect of SWAT’s sales and marketing efforts.

Result:  Now in our 11th year with Rockstar Energy Drink, the brand continues to be SWAT’s top sponsor and marketing client.  Prior to SWAT’s involvement, Rockstar was a company in its infancy during the energy drink boom of the early 2000s.  Now, after over a decade of partnership, Rockstar has grown to become the third-largest energy drink globally, and the #1 off-premise energy drink in many college markets.  Still independently owned, Rockstar is distributed throughout the United States by PepsiCo and continues to shape the direction of the energy drink market by releasing new and innovative flavors and delivery methods while staying true to its core paradigm: Party Like A Rockstar.

To download a copy of the SWAT Spring Break 2015 recap prepared for Rockstar Energy Drink, please click here.[/expand]

[expand title=”Monster Energy Drink”]

Objective:  In 2003, the Hansen’s Beverage Company began making strides to enter the energy drink market. The goal was to promote Monster Energy Drink as a new, edgy product on the market, independent of its parent company. In an effort to spark interest in the 16-25 year old demographic, Monster desired the implementation of non-traditional marketing tactics. The execution of this marketing effort was to coincide with the public launch of Monster Energy Drink.

Execution:  In the first year of SWAT Marketing’s collaboration with Monster, SWAT’s sales managers used their networks to locate and hire the most involved, outgoing, business-minded individuals at 50 of the top colleges and universities nationwide. Guided by the program’s criteria, and under the direction of SWAT Marketing’s dedicated ambassador management team, Monster Energy Drink was effectively launched throughout the nation. Armed with product samples and promotional gear, student ambassadors sponsored philanthropies, intramural sporting events, tailgates, Greek events, bar and club events, and formals. Ambassadors submitted bi-weekly online reports to their regional marketing manager, which included marketing summaries and promotional photos.

Following the program’s successful first year, Hansen’s contracted SWAT Marketing to maintain and expand the program to an additional 50 universities, for a total of 100 college campuses nationwide. In the program’s third year, and based on the results produced by SWAT Marketing, and due to Monster’s heightened success in the national consumer market, the program was expanded yet again to include a total of 150 brand ambassadors throughout the nation. In addition to managing Monster’s college brand ambassador program, Monster was named the presenting sponsor of SWAT Travel’s winter and spring trips, tours, and events.

Result:  Throughout Monster’s three-year partnership with SWAT Marketing, Hansen’s stock saw tremendous growth. Prior to joining forces with SWAT, Monster grossed an estimated $30 million annually. After the completion of its first year with SWAT, Monster grossed an estimated $200 million in annual sales. After the program’s third year, Monster’s sales skyrocketed to an estimated $380 million annually, effectively making Monster Energy Drink the second largest energy drink in the United States.[/expand]

[expand title=”Lost”]

Objective:  In the spring of 2005, Hansen’s Beverage Company, the parent company of Monster Energy Drink and Lost Energy Drink, approached SWAT with the opportunity to run a new Orange County based street team for Lost Energy Drink. The creation of this new street team was to increase brand awareness for LOST Energy Drink, following the success of Monster Energy Drink street teams. Where Monster Energy Drink appealed to a larger demographic, LOST Energy Drink specifically targeted the 18-24 year old demographic of the surfer/skater lifestyle. This new street team was to be operated on a 3 month trial basis, in which the performance and continuation of the program would be evaluated upon the conclusion of the initial trial period.

Execution:  Utilizing a customized LOST sampling truck and the assistance of a hand selected sampling team; SWAT Marketing was able to target high school and college campuses throughout Sothern California. SWAT’s team was able to place product directly in the hands of thousands of potential customers. The SWAT/LOST sampling team operated 6 days a week, for a minimum of 6 hours daily. SWAT provided weekly reports to LOST detailing marketing efforts, amount of product sampled, as well as sample locations. All reports were supplemented with photos that illustrated SWAT’s far reaching marketing tactics.

Result:  Through intense street sampling on a weekly basis and the utilization of its unique connection with high school and college students, SWAT Marketing was able to successfully increased brand awareness. Based on the productivity of the first three months, SWAT was able to secure the renewal of this program for an additional 10 months.[/expand]

[expand title=”Zydego”]

Objective:  SWAT was approached in 2008 by the founder of Zydego to assist with its marketing efforts to launch the Dash Dude, a college mascot figure. SWAT‘s goal was to acquire key individuals on pre-selected college campuses to represent and promote the brand at three far reaching events.

Execution:  SWAT Marketing determined ideal locations for product sales, potential target markets, and enhancing product development. SWAT then hired two young, outgoing, school spirited, and personable representatives on each of the pre-selected college campuses to represent the Dash Dude. Dash Dude Representatives were tasked with placing the product into the hands of key individuals on campus with Dash Dudes, as well as promoting the Dash Dudes at a football tailgate, a televised basketball game, and at parent’s weekend. In order to gather valuable feedback from potential consumers, SWAT required representatives to use promotional tools to hype the product to students, parents, and alumni. Representatives were also accountable for locating local retail businesses that would be ideal for product sales.

Result:  SWAT’s representative team was able to successfully launch the Zydego Dash Dude and spark immediate and widespread interest in the product. Representatives provided key insight into the product’s popularity among alumni while at the same time boosting product sales.[/expand]

[expand title=”Astroglide Personal Lubricant”]

Objective:  BioFilm, Inc., a manufacturer of high quality healthcare products and creator of “Astroglide Personal Lubricant”, one of the world’s top selling personal lubricants, partnered with SWAT in 2007 to enhance their promotional efforts with college students. Market research revealed that the majority of Astroglide’s clientele were 35 years or older. A plan was created for the 2007-2008 school year to integrate Astroglide into the college scene through the SWAT/ Astroglide College Ambassador Team, and the creative promotion and sampling of Astroglide at all SWAT events and sales seminars.

Execution:  Throughout California, 32 campuses were selected for the Ambassador Program. SWAT/ Astroglide representatives were sociable, involved, influential, and definitely not shy; representatives were able to work around the taboo of publicly promoting a personal lubricant. Students provided detailed marketing summaries with photos for seven themed events per campus per semester.

Astroglide promotions extended to SWAT travel. SWAT trips, such as the SWAT 72: College Ski and Snowboard trip and SWAT Spring Break, promoted Astroglide as a trip sponsor. The product was sampled at events and concerts by designated staff in Astroglide gear.

Result:  In the year and a half with the company, we witnessed SWAT/ Astroglide Ambassadors make the name “Astroglide” commonplace among their peers. SWAT was able to remove the taboo of lubricant promotion resulting in students openly embracing Astroglide, and readily sporting their promotional gear.[/expand]

[expand title=”Perfect Pushup”]

Objective:  Perfect Pushup, a product of BODYREV LLC, seen on TV, approached SWAT Marketing in 2007 because they desired to broaden their target market to encompass college students. Perfect Pushup requested the linking of their brand with the college demographic in a manner that was both meaningful and lasting.

Execution:  In the first year with Perfect Pushup, SWAT Marketing integrated the brand into its winter and spring break trips as the presenting sponsor of the annual hard body contest. The Perfect Pushup product became the focal point of the competition, and they were allocated complete sponsor coverage at the contest. At the conclusion of year one, SWAT Marketing provided a wrap up video as well as supplementary photos highlighting product exposure on all the trips.

In the second year of Perfect Pushup’s partnership with SWAT, SWAT went forward with a more ambitious marketing strategy, and hired 120 of the most influential and fitness oriented students on the most highly populated college campuses nationwide. These students were instructed to incorporate the brand into their daily lifestyle and fitness routines. SWAT/Perfect Pushup representatives were required to complete a variety of activities including: Perfect Pullup installations in fraternity houses, athlete hookups, tailgate promotions, retail site inspections and monthly multimedia reports. Perfect Pushup representatives also directed interested parties to various locations where the product is sold; thus transforming product interest into product purchase.

Result:  SWAT Marketing successfully merged the younger demographic into the existing consumer market by linking the product to exhilarating SWAT trip experiences. Due to the success of first year promotions, Perfect Pushup contracted SWAT Marketing to expand their marketing efforts by creating a working network of brand ambassadors located on the largest college campuses in the United States. As a result of SWAT Marketing efforts, Perfect Pushup products have become a staple in fraternity houses in the top colleges across the nation and have been incorporated into the majority of all college athletic facilities and off-site athletic workout facilities.[/expand]