To us, the perfect spring break party is all about great music, spending time with friends, and making memories that last a lifetime.  When we decided to name The Nautical Beachfront Resort our Headquarters Hotel for Spring Break 2015, we knew that we had to take advantage of their pristine beach, newly-constructed infinity pool and bar, and acres of open land.  A move to The Nautical meant we really needed to up the ante on day events.  Our new Headquarters Hotel is easily one of the most upscale and picturesque properties in Lake Havasu, so we were tasked with creating a venue that shared the property’s prestige.  Doing so required us to look at our day events from a completely new angle, and that’s when SWATopia was born.SWATopia is our definition of the ultimate spring break day event venue.  With DJs performing beachside, floating rock walls off-shore, 125’+ slip-n-slides that run into the lake, and the first-ever SWAT float party, SWATopia will truly be An Experience Unlike Any Other!To learn more about SWAT Spring Break 2015 in Lake Havasu, please click here to visit the event’s information page.  Also, be sure to “like” SWAT Events on Facebook, and “follow” SWAT Events on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest news, updates, and announcements.No-hotel Party Packages, which provide access to all concerts, parties, and events on a given week, start at just $159.  Three-night Hotel Packages, which include the Party Package, start at just $249.  Hotel Packages are selling quickly, so be sure to reserve your spot before they’re sold out!SWATopia Map - Web