SnowJam Athlete Lineup

Team Rockstar Energy Drink Team Signal Snowboards
Team 686
Chas Guldemond Spencer Link Patrick McCarthy
Elena Hight
Nick Sibayan Brandon Davis
Andreas Wiig Pat Garvin Joanna Dzierzawski
  Nick Brewer Forest Bailey
    Ryan Paul

Hometown: Reno, NV
Home Mountain: Northstar at Tahoe
Age: 24

Career Highlights: 2011 Euro X-Games Slopestyle Champion, 2010 Snowboarder Magazine Top 10 of the Year, 1st Place 2011 Toyota Big Air, 2010 Dew Tour Slopestyle, 1st Place 2008 West Coast Invitational Halfpipe

Quote: Work hard, play hard.

Hometown: Kauai, HI
Lives In: Lake Tahoe, CA
Age: 23

Career Highlights: 2006 & 2010 US Winter Olympian, 1st Place 2007 Lake Tahoe Van's Cup, 3rd Place 2008 US Open Quarterpipe, 1st Place 2008 Lake Tahoe Van's Cup - First back-to-back 900s, 1st Place 2010 Snowbasin Dew Tour, 2nd Place 2010 Mammoth Grand Prix

Hometown: Oslo, Norway
Favorite Spot: Oslo, Norway
Age: 26

Career Highlights: 1st Place 2008 Vans Cup Slopestyle, 1st Place 2008 Winter X-Games Slopestyle, 1st Place 2007 Winter X-Games Big Air, 1st Place Best Trick 2006 Abominable Snow Jam, 2nd Place 2006 Winter X-Games Slopestyle

Quote: Grasp your opportunities, and snowboard every day! (if you're able to.)

Spencer Link

Hometown: Corona, CA
Home Mountain: Mountain High

Random Fact #1: I love Cini Minis from Burger King.
Random Fact #2: My lowest golf score is an 82.
Random Fact #3: I played baseball for 10 years.
Random Fact #4: I've been on Nickelodeon.
Random Fact #5: I know the lyrics to at least three Taylor Swift songs.

Hometown: Wrightwood, CA
Home Mountain: Mountain High

Random Fact #1:
I eat ketchup on pretty much everything.
Random Fact #2: I don't like chocolate.
Random Fact #3: I've always wanted to be a firefighter.
Random Fact #4: I rock out on Guitar Hero on a regular basis.
Random Fact #5: I dislike sushi, beans, and guacamole.

Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Home Mountain: Bear Mountain

Random Fact #1:
I have never done a nose grab.
Random Fact #2: Two of my toes are webbed.
Random Fact #3: I have never left North America.  I want to.
Random Fact #4: I'm a graphic designer major with a French minor at CSU Long Beach.
Random Fact #5: I can rock a mullet better tan Pat Benetar.

Hometown: Monument, CO
Home Mountain: Keystone

Random Fact #1: In my free time I make hip-hop beats.
Random Fact #2: My dad used to be the best fighter pilot in the world.
Random Fact #3: My dream car is an AMC Gremlin (look it up.)
Random Fact #4: I used to set up banquets at a hotel.
Random Fact #5: My favorite food is Asian food.

Quote: It doesn't matter what you do in life as long as you look good doing it.

Hometown: Bellingham, WA
Home Mountain: Mt. Baker, WA
Age: Old enough to know better
Favorite 686 Jacket: Plexus Hydra Telegraph
Favorite 686 Pant: Compression Cargo Pant 3-in-1

Favorite Place to Ride:  Anywhere that it's snowing and when you've got a good group of friends to enjoy it with.

Shred Heroes:  Jamie Lynn, Temple Cummings, Joey McGuire, Jesse Burtner, Mark Landvik, Kurt Jenson, Monty Hayes, Elan Bushel, Eric Brandt, and Peter Line.
Last Thoughts:  If you believe in yourself, and are willing to work diligently and hard for it, anything in life is possible.  Never let anyone or anything tell you any different.

Hometown: Mammoth Lakes, CA
Home Mountain: Mammoth Mountain
Age: 16

Favorite Place to Ride: Mammoth Mountain

Shred Heroes: Spencer Whiting and Judd Henkes

Favorite 686 Jacket: Plexus Hydra Jacket

Favorite 686 Pant: Original Smarty Cargo Pant

Last Thoughts: Live life, have fun.

Hometown: Chicago, IL - South Lake Tahoe
Home Mountain: Heavenly Mountain
Age: Twenty-Something!

Favorite Place to Ride: I love riding anywhere with a fun crew and good snow!

Shred Heroes: Kimmy Fasani and Chas Guldemond

Favorite 686 Jacket: I love the Smarty Line.

Favorite 686 Pant: I usually rock the Manual Line for some fun bright pants.
Last Thoughts: Go get some 686 gear and let's ride!!

Home Mountain: Stratton, VT
Current Home: Boulder, CO
Age: 20

Favorite 686 Jacket: Plexus FB Colorway

Favorite 686 Pant:
Reserved Raw Pant Twill

Wins: Gold | Snowboard Street, 2012 Winter X-Games

Hometown: Hopkins, NM
Home Mountain: Hyland Hills and Afton Alps
Age: 21 and Three Quarters

Favorite Place to Ride: The place where my feet are in boots that are in bindings that are screwed to a piece of wood, calld a snowboard.  That's the place!

Shred Heroes: Mmmm, lots of Minnesotans.  Chad O, Bjorn and Erik Lienes, Mike Casanova was and still is one of my biggest inspirations in snowboarding.

Favorite 686 Jacket: I like the Snaggle Tooth stuff.
Favorite 686 Pant: The Raw and the Levis Denim.
Last Thoughts: God is GOOD!