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SWAT is much more than a company that plans the West Coast’s largest spring break event.  We’re a collaborative team of people who have a passion for the travel, event production, and marketing industries.  While it may seem like our job is a party, (it is some of the time) we work tirelessly behind the scenes to produce the best experience possible for over 40,000 travelers every year.

With over 750 Campus Reps, 40 Campus Managers, 12 Sales Managers, and operations, marketing, and management teams in-place to support everything that’s happening, our team is expansive.  Our goal is to provide each person who works with our company the tools they’ll need in their professional life after SWAT.  As a Campus Rep, college students are taught our equivalent to “Sales 101.”  Campus Managers are taught how to effectively manage people and ensure their teams produce.  Our Sales Managers manage people on a broader level and handle more in-depth tasks like operations, logistics, and revenue generation.  Meanwhile, our operations and marketing teams plan contract activation, logistics coordination, and brand management.  In a matter of words, we know what it takes to prepare people for the “real world,” and that’s why over 85% of people who’ve worked professionally with SWAT find a career-level job within the first three months of their search.

So, if you’re motivated, hard working, would love to be a part of something bigger than yourself, and understand the balance between work and play, we’d love to talk with you.  Check out the positions we have available below, send us your resume, and explain why you’d be a great addition to our team with a killer cover letter.

Campus Rep Positions

Position Description:

SWAT Campus Reps are the lifeblood of our company's sales and marketing arm. We're looking for the most influential, well-networked, and responsible people within every fraternity, sorority, dorm building, and social group at every college and university throughout the United States to help us spread the word about SWAT trips and to plan their group's next vacation. By being their group's point person, Campus Reps are given the opportunity to earn free or discounted travel, swag from our sponsors, huge hookups throughout the year, and much more. Plus, many reps include their experience with SWAT on their resumes to highlight the leadership skills they've learned during the process, and many schools accept a position as a SWAT for internship course credit. Further, nearly all SWAT sales managers, office staff, and members of our marketing team were Campus Reps at one point or another, so if you're interested in working with us after college, being a Rep is a great way to get your foot in the door!


SWAT Campus Reps can expect to spend between two and 10 hours a week on SWAT, depending on their desired level of involvement. Reps work hand-in-hand with our sales team, and since our goal is to provide your friends with an Experience Unlike Any Other, we want you to have that same drive. All SWAT Reps should be well-networked, influential among their group of friends, and responsible.

To Apply:

To apply for this position, please click here to fill out the form on our website

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